True magic is created through simplicity.

Founded in 2023, Simple Magic is on a mission to create something new for mobile and PC. First Alpha is set to launch in 2024. Stay tuned!


Explore the world. Loot all the epics. Defeat the mightiest bosses.

But don't do it alone.

We want to create a vibrant, living world, where players come together to forge alliances and become powerful together. A social game means more than a leaderboard and a chat, it means actually playing together and helping each other out. 

Our vision is to create an online experience that let's you explore, collaborate, collect and more - while still being mindful of creating shorter gaming sessions. It's easy, we just make it simple. 

About us

With experience of working on world renowned mobile titles we set out to create something that has never been done before. Our passion lies in catering for a community and creating online experiences that pushes the definition of social gaming.
The journey begins in Stockholm, Sweden.


CEO & Game Lead 


CTO & Master Coder